Welcome to the Kehres Galleries!

This site is a collection of private image galleries for people who have some association with the Kehres family name. Anyone who feels they fits this description and would like to participate, please send an email message to Kathleen Kehres requesting an account. As this site is new and we are still trying to get things all sorted out and the rough edges worked out, if you should have any comments or suggestions on how things can be improved, please do let us know!

The image galleries are open for all to see and do not require an account. However if you would like to participate in the site, including maintaining your own albums, voting on images, or making comments on albums and pictures, you will need an account.

Terms of Use
Please note that this is a family site and that viewers from all parts of the world, including children have free access. We make every attempt to provide open and free access to this site including non-moderated uploading of conent. Please note however that the uploading of any objectional material, including but not limited to pornography, violence, or any material that is illegal, including copyrighted material, is expressly prohibited. Any user found violating these rules will be immediately terminated, and all image galleries belonging to them removed.

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